About the BUTF

About the BUTF

The British United Taekwon Do Federation - BUTF - was formed on the 1st of March 1988 to promote and teach pure Taekwon Do (TKD). The same Taekwon Do that the founder Grandmaster Choi Hong Hi - 9th Dan created.


The head of the federation is Grandmaster R. M. K. Choy IX Dan a genuine ITF master with over 40 years 'hands-on' experience of practicing and teaching Taekwon Do. Grandmaster Choy is also the most senior Instructor of the Founders (ITF) format in England.

Supporting him closely are three Masters, members of the Executive, Master (Miss) T.Y.Au VIII Dan,
Master L.S. Sangha VIII Dan and Master A.Manning VII, who each have close on to 35 years experience as active Taekwon-Do Instructors.


BUTF Executive Committee
BUTF Executive Committee


THE BUTF prides itself on its core values of fairness and integrity. This means that when you study and compete with the BUTF you can be assured that grades gained or results won are given fairly and squarely on your merits of being a properly trained Taekwon Do practitioner. This means that everyone can enjoy Taekwon Do without fear of prejudice or bias.


All BUTF Instructors are highly trained, fully qualified and certified. The Federation demands the highest possible standards from its Instructors. All BUTF schools are fully licensed and insured and operate within a strict code of conduct.


Hosting the last Teaching Seminar in the UK conducted by
Taekwon-Do's Founder Gen.Choi Hong Hi
13th & 14th November 1999




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