Master Liu VII


Master Liu commenced his training in the late 70’s at Hillingdon TKD school, which was under the Instructor of the then Mr. Choy III Dan, our Chairman. There was a short interlude of four years following the attainment of Green belt prior to his return to complete his mission to the ranks of Black Belt in the 80’s.

He continued his training with the excellent Miss Tham Ying Au IV Dan at the time & was still training at the Hillingdon club while Master Choy concentrated his time at the Putney school. Master Liu travelled to many schools to train High Wycombe, Richmond, Cranford, Thanet to name a few to learn from other instructors to satisfy his knowledge of the art of TKD.

Master Liu had an illustrious career competing at national and international level. In 1996 Master Liu was selected to fight at the prestigious Morang Bong cup in Japan an experience of a lifetime.

Master Liu’s teaching journey started when he was given a school that was without an instructor, Bracknell had a resurgence with Master Liu at the helm and they became a very strong outfit. Through the success of Bracknell, he opened his second school in Addlestone and took over another school in Staines. Unfortunately, through family commitments he had to close the Bracknell club but the remaining schools have grown in strength and has seen students compete at World Championships and a World Cup. The latter was his most proudest to date when one his students Adriana Nowak won a Silver medal in Team patterns.

As frequently acknowledged, the legacy of a true marital artist is not, as expects, from competitions accolades, though they be a yardstick of the person’s ability. It is from the students produced that will remain as an everlasting testimony to his or her dedication.

Master Liu also has also tried his hand on the silver screen appearing in a few films, Tales from the Crypt, The Wanderer, The life and death of Peter Sellars but his crowning glory was in ‘Batman Begins’ playing a shadow warrior, blink and you’ll miss him, it’s only a brief appearance but an appearance all time same.