Mr Kambo VI


Mr Kambo started in 1983 under an organisation known as Imperial Taekwon-do at Whitefriars School in Wealdstone. Training under various people of one, Mr Neill Brown (then a 1st Dan) was a key influence in those early stages. Having started alongside his brother, they trained together up to 3rd Kup blue belt with strong dedication and with support from their father.

When the club moved further away so did the opportunity to train. It was not until 8 years or so later that he found as the Harrow TKD school under the auspices of the BUTF, starting up locally under Master, ‘Sahun’ Manning, ‘Chill’ Dan (then a IV Dan). His keen interest in cricket and tennis had kept him fit, but all of these lacked something which only martial arts could fulfil a balance of strength, speed, flexibility, inner and outer mental strength, but most importantly to be able to defend ones self. He had his apprehensions of attempting to return into this demanding martial art having been away from it for so long, but on looking back he never regrets that decision.

His first real milestone was in 1994, having achieved a ’double degree’ success by becoming the first Black belt in this new school and achieving an engineering degree at the well renowned Imperial College. This engendered in him the sense of responsibility of a role model for upcoming students of Harrow TKD school, and he feels proud in seeing it flourish into a vibrant school where quality and quantity compliment one another.

Being a regular competitor in all elements, he has always enjoyed the buzz of the tournaments together with physically pushing himself to the limit. He remembers when he first fought as a black belt in Scotland, Grand Master Sasung Choy IX ‘Koo’ Dan, said that he had experienced a ‘Baptism of Fire’, his words were true and wise! Having been fortunate enough to be training with Master Manning ‘Chill’ Dan a truly exceptional exponent and instructor of TKD, he has gained a holistic approach to the martial arts whilst balancing a young family and professional career, now in finance.

Having been presented many challenges from all directions, the key has been to ensure a balance of life in conjunction with dedication and of course a guiding hand from the inner spirit. Qualifying as an instructor in October 2000 under the strict standards required by BUTF, he continued to assist at Harrow TKD School, picking up valuable insights to teaching which were to serve him in good stead in time to come.

The next important step was to attain the Black Stripes for IV Dan, which was achieved in October 2004. With the assistance of his younger brother Rasmeet who was a III ‘Sam’ Dan at the time, his instructing was clearly proving successful having been entrusted to the running of a satellite school under Sahun Manning VII Dan culminating early in 2008, the opening of his own school of TKD in Eastcote Middlesex. He now understands the legacy that General Choi Hong Hi IX Dan was trying to achieve.

He now is aware of the enjoyment and fulfilment that teaching brings, in not only sharpening and reinforcing ones knowledge and skills, but also striving, as any committed instructor would, for his students continued growth and improvement to be of the best in all areas of their lives. It becomes a rarity to see instructors still actively competing and his approach has always been to lead by example. 

In conclusion, his philosophical approach to life can be described in the words of one great spiritual philosopher: ‘By conquering your mind you can conquer the world’

He documents his heartfelt gratitude to his Instructor and mentor Sahun Manning VII Dan and the BUTF hierarchy for their continued support and dedication to the principles and qualities that separates it as an organisation from all others.