Mr Snelders VI


I started my training in Leicester under the UKTA back in 1982. In those days there were no other federations and in the national competitions each category would have at least 20 competitors. Never being a natural, I found my dedication exceeded many of the more able students, and although my progress was slow, by training four times a week rose through the ranks.

In 1984 my training was temporarily interrupted by university and my work as an actor. TaeKwon-Do would never be far away and although only able to attend a handful of classes, continued practicing as much as possible on my own. When eventually I settled in London, I began to search for a permanent school in which to train.

The disappointment I found at the levels of inadequacy was shocking. I attempted to train in four different schools, all in my opinion sub standard. Then in April 1992 I walked into the Tooting school which was run by Master Sangha (then 4th degree). I also decided to watch a grading a week later. This was my first glimpse of Master Choy and the exacting levels of attainment expected from BUTF students. From then on I knew I had found the best. In 1994 I gained my first degree and a year later became a qualified instructor.

1997 saw me open the Clapham School, and although the first two years were slow, my happiness in just discovering the art of TaeKwon-Do with my few students never ceased. As a competitor I regularly placed in the medals, with only two BUTF competitions seeing me out of the first three in over 8 years. Without the backing and guidance of Master Sangha and the executive I would never have attained my present rank of 5th degree, and if I can help my students to realise their potential by one fifth as much I will have achieved a massive amount.