Master Whitley VII


Master. Whitley commenced training in 1978 under the instruction of a Mr Jeff Yong II while in the UKTA. In what was, and still is, the Watford TKD School. His first grading to 9th Kup was accomplished with an A pass with the grading examiner coincidentally being our Chairman who was one of the grading examiners for the UKTA. His progress through the colour belt ranks was steady until he reached Red Belt. For personal reasons that are now historic, he remained as a red belt for quite a length of time.

However, his lengthy sojourn as a Red Belt was not uneventful in that he collected quite a haul of local and national titles in the competition arena. Having said that, competition as a Black Belt continued to reap dividends and testimony that 'there always remains life where there is breath', Mr. Whitley, following a four year self imposed retirement, in 1999, at the ripe old age of ---- and we shall not disclose what the age is, wrested the Black Belt Overall British Champions Trophy from a bevy of distinctly younger contenders.

Watford School became the responsibility of Master Au VII in the early '80s and it was under her tuition and guidance that Mr. Whitley made the transition from Colour to Black Belt. It was at rank of Black Belt 2nd Degree Mr Whitley was asked, in 1988 by Miss Au, to take over the reins of Watford TKD school. His acceptance of the role of Instructor coincided with the formation of the BUTF, thereby securing him a place in the archives of the Federation as one of its first Instructors and more to the point one of the few that remain. As an active Instructor Mr. Whitley finally transitioned into the senior Black Belt rank of Vth Dan in 2002.

Master Whitley's commitment to the BUTF has always been unwavering with working appearances at every event coupled to periodic forays into the area of competition.

1998 was also a busy year in that Mr. Whitley opened for the first time his own TKD school in Chesham. History records a shaky 'birth' but to date, Instructor and school have gelded into a commodity to be reckoned with.