Kicking Kids 2017

This years kicking kids tournament was a great success with 65 kids turning up to compete at one ofChesham's TKD halls. There was ample room to set up 3 matted rings and accommodate all the kids and parents. Most of the BUTF instructors and some of Chesham’s black belts were in attendance to run the event.

The day kicked off with one of Master Lui’s legendary fun warm ups which got everyone in the mood. Once everyone got their breath back they were all lined up in height order and divided into 7 groups of near enough equal numbers.

The first event was the pugil sticks. The aim is to knock your opponent off their perch ( a kick shield ) with the foam stick. The best of 3 ‘knock offs’ wins. Whilst this was going on we had some very controlled sparring going on in ring 3 with some well aimed kicks, but no punches were allowed. Soon all the rings had sparring going on.

It was run on a ‘ round robin’ basis, so competitors got to fight everyone in their group, and the eventual winners really did earn their medals. Everyone had a great competitive spirit and there was some very talented fighters, even from the lowest grades.

At the end of the action packed day we had the flying side kick event. The object is to jump over two hurdles and kick the pad on the other side. if you knocked off any of the canes, or you missed the pad, or you fell over, you were out. The original 7 groups were amalgamated to give 3 groups of similar heights. After each round the successful jumpers went again but the hurdles were moved further apart. When each of the groups got down to their last 3 or 4 competitors the distances being jumped were quite amazing with the audience shouting their support and approval. Even some of the smallest competitors seemed to be flying miles. Unfortunately there is only one winner from each group but a thoroughly deserved medal for the excited winner.

All the competitors seemed to have a great time and all left with a certificate of participation.

Hopefully this has got them hungry for more competition and that we shall see them at the BUTF British tournament on 28th October. There were definitely some future champions there. 

Michael Snelders