Black Belt Grading Results

22 October 2016

Official examination results below:

Promoted To Name DoB Level Score School Cert No
IV Degree (SA Dan) David Darko Oct 1964 P 67% Tooting B-1016-4-1
III Degree (SAM Dan) Craig Childress Dec 1960 P 66% Chesham B-1016-3-1
II Degree (EE Dan) Dinay Halai (Jnr) Mar 2003 P 70% Harrow BJ-1016-2-1
II Degree (EE Dan) Kareena Naik (Jnr) Feb 2002 P 63% Tooting BJ-1016-2-2
I Degree (IL Dan) Jaisul Naik Jul 1999 P 74% Tooting B-1016-1-1
I Degree (IL Dan) Pacey Martelino (Jnr) Jul 2004 M 78% Hillingdon BJ-1016-1-1
I Degree (IL Dan) Tomass Bumburs (Jnr) Dec 2001 P 73% Hillingdon BJ-1016-1-2
I Degree (IL Dan) Jay Mamman (Jnr) Oct 2001 P 72% Hillingdon BJ-1016-1-3
I Degree (IL Dan) Thinesh Varathadasan (Jnr) Dec 2004 P 69% Totting BJ-1016-1-4

Passes with Distinction (80% - 100%)
70% must be attained in each of the four elements to qualify.

Passes with Merit (70% - 79%)
60% must be attained in each of the four elements to qualify.

Pass (50% - 69%)
Although a total mark of over 50% is obtained by a candidate, a pass will be disallowed if any ONE out of the 4 disciplines is under 50%

Please Note
Instructors of unsuccessful candidates should contact Grandmaster Choy (that is if they REALLY wish to improve their student’s performance in time for the next grading) within the first two weeks of receipt of these results to ascertain areas of weakness in performance. All papers will be filed following this period and will be unavailable for further comment. The same applies for successful candidates who wish to further improve on future performances.